Welcome to my first campaign!

Welcome to my first campaign. This will be an adventure that will test your investigation skills and planning skills. This campaign can be failed. If your character gets captured or killed it’s game over. I’m going to try and throw different challenges and combat at you. There will death, mystery, and suspense. Can you solve the mystery before it’s too late?

Character creation:
This will be a 500 point campaign. This will be a short fast pace story, so not a lot of karma or time for training. You background can be whatever you want, but it needs to end with you joining the Black water group. Please read the Wiki on the Black water group. Don’t worry about contacts unless you want one just for your character or if it’s part of a quality. Being part of the Black water group will provide most contacts you need. I will allow both matrix and magic, but I don’t know the wireless world all that well so make sure you know the rules.


  • You have plenty of BP to spread around so make your character somewhat versatile.
  • Try working with other people of the group to make sure the party is will rounded
  • I recommend having a way to disappear. Weather being able blend in to a crowd or going Invisible
  • Some covert ability would be good.
  • it would be good to have a way to gather information

This is my first try at GMing a campaign. I not very good at remembering all the rules and have no experience with the wireless world. But I’m an easy going guy and if you think I doing something wrong let me know. And please be patience with me.


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