Charmed... I'm sure.


Alias: Ghost
Full Name: Garret Harkin
Other Known Aliases: John Shepherd, Alan Zimmerman, Fred Blake

HP: 11 Stun/ 10 Physical Current Karma: 1 Total Karma: 54 Nuyen: 700 Lifestyle: Medium; 1 month paid.
Positive Qualities: (35 BP) Negative Qualities: (-35 BP)
Magician (15 BP) Wanted (-10 BP)
Focused Concentration II (20 BP) Sensitive System (-15 BP)
Spirit Bane: Earth Spirits (-10BP)
Ability Stats: Other Stats:
LOGIC: 3/6
Active Skills Rating Specialization Die Pool Active Skills Rating Specialization Die Pool
Influence 4 9 Banishing 4 +2 Vs. Earth Spirits 9
Con Spellcasting 6 +2 Manipulations Spells 11
Ettiquette Counterspelling 4 +2 vs Manipulations
Leadership Assensing 2 +2 Aura Reading 4
Intimidation 1 6 Infiltration 1 4
Unarmed Combat 3 6 Dodge 4 9
Pistols 5 +2 Revolvers 10 Perception 3 +2 Visual 6
Knowledge Skills
Metaplanes 3
Seattle 6
Arcana 3
Aztechnology 3
Criminology 3
Damage Resistance 9
English N Drain Resist 12
Spell Range Type Duration Drain Value
Heal T M I (f/2) – 3
Armor LOS P S (f/2) + 3
Increased Reflexes T M S (f/2) + 2
Ice Sheet LOS (A) P I (f/2) + 3
Control Thoughts LOS M S (F/2) + 2
Increased Attribute (Agility) T M S (f/2) – 2
Increased Attribute (Body) T M S (f/2) – 2
Increased Attribute (Charisma) T M S (f/2) – 2
Silence LOS (A) P S (f/2) + 3
Stunball LOS (A) M; Direct I (f/2) + 1
Clairvoyance T M S (f/2) – 1
Clairaudience T M 4 hits (f/2) – 1


Sustaining Focus III (Health Spells) 1 Dose of Jazz
First Aid Kit VI Plasteel Restraints
100 APDS rounds Metal Restraints
10 Stick’n’shock rounds CMT Commlink
Speed Loader Magical Lodge I
Subvocal Microphone Goggles VI; Thermographic; Ultrasound; Flare Composition; Low Light; Image Magnification III; Image Link

Ruger Super Warhawk: DV 6P; AP -2; Personalized Grip, Chameleon Coating, Increased Cylinder, Laser Sight

Weapon Focus II (Shock Gloves): DV 5s; AP -half

Urban Jumpsuit: 6 Ballistic/6 Impact; Thermal Dampening VI

Spell Wish List: Interference, Pulse, Net, Alter Memory, Physical Double Image, Mindnet, Increased Attribute (charisma), Stun Bolt, Clairaudience, Mind Probe


Garret Harkin, or Ghost as they call him, used to be an employee for the Aztechnology Megacorporation. His job was to take care of diplomatic trades and alliances in the hopes of obtaining whatever the company wanted him to get. On a mission to form an allegiance with the spirits of the earth in order for the megacorp to utilize their essence in the development of magictek weaponry, Garret accidentally made a faux pas with the earth spirit ambassadors, inadvertently both humiliating himself and the ambassadors and inciting the earth spirits into hostilities. Garret left Aztechnology, who still wants his head on a platter, and ever since he’s been an enemy of earth spirits the world over.

Garret dreams of permanently escaping the attention of both the earth spirits and Aztechnology and living peacefully somewhere where he can delve into the metaplanes and develope his own personal brand of magic.
He left his only friends at the megacorp and thus has no loved ones. He’s always been single because he has a tendency to flirt with the ladies.
Garret is driven to prove that he’s capable in everything he does, and so he completes any mission he’s accepted, regardless of moral or ethical issues. There’s only one thing he won’t do and that’s take a mission that conflicts with longstanding clients.
Garret is afraid of Aztechnology and evades them whenever possible. He is also afraid of Earth Spirits and has a tendancy to enter a fight or flight mode with them, in which case Fight happens before Flight unless he is outnumbered three to one.


WANTED Devioushyde